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  • 收录全剧13集 + 制作特辑
  • 语言:中文
  • 字幕语言:华语、马来语、英语


大马中文儿童电视剧首创,许友彬授权改编原创小说《七天》。 文学与电视的首度跨界合作,大马著名作家许友彬原创小说授权改编儿童连续剧,首炮出击《七天》! 献给全马学生的一出奇幻历险故事,结合冒险、友情、成长、患难、推理多个元素,描述四个小孩的七天奇幻之旅,他们将如何在经历七天的历险之后脱胎换骨,并化解仇恨一夜长大?



Deep in a small village, heavy rain causes a school bus to skid and crash into a river. Four students and their driver narrowly escape death, and somehow find themselves in an inhabited cave system of sorts. This proves the beginning of an exciting seven-day adventure in the wilds. Self-centered Uncle Ou only takes care of himself, while Jun Shun's greed lands him with a high fever. Jian Yun and Bai He find themselves responsible for looking out for the rest, as they simulataneously try to devise an escape route. Along the way, however, they witness many wonders of nature within the old forest, knowledgeably explained by the bright Xiao Li. Even as the friends make a pact to keep their discovery a secret, they remain uncertain as to whether they will ever make it home.