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神奇望远镜 The Magical Telescope

神奇望远镜 The Magical Telescope

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ISBN code: 978-967-5439-12-4
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 永乐多斯
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Zheng Xiao Qiang's father brought a telescope home from Arabia. The old man who sold him the telescope had said that it was the only telescope in the world that could see things which were furthest away. Xiao Qiang took a look through the telescope but he could not see a single thing! Had his father been cheated or the telescope had certain powers that Xiao Qiang did not know?





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Rating : 100%
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Review : 故事生动,有趣。 我女儿一天就把它看完。 小学生应该看。 Good.