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再看一眼 Look Again

再看一眼 Look Again

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ISBN code: 978-967-5439-35-3
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 许友彬、许书芹
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这时,一个珍珠白的灵魂从天上的光柱降落在梁有生面前,告诉梁有生四十九天后灵魂就得“回去” ,在这四十九天里,梁有生一分钟也不能回到自己的身体。梁有生放心不下他的太太和女儿,想尽办法接近她们,只为了再看一眼……


Have you ever thought of what you would like to do most if you have only forty-nine days left on earth, after your soul leaves your body?


At the order of his wife, Leong Yu Seng set out to release at an oil palm estate a rat caught in his house. He was chatting happily with his daughter beside him in the car when the rat got out from the cage and started to dart around the car. The commotion created resulted in the car crashing against an oil palm tree. Yu Seng was seriously injured on the head and his soul left his body.


At that moment, a bright light descended from above and a pearl white soul appeared in front of Yu Seng. He was told that after 49 days, the soul would have to ‘return’. Within these 49 days, he could not get back into his body even for a minute. He was greatly distressed, still very attached to his wife and daughter. He began to construe many ways to approach them, just so that he could catch another glance…




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Rating : 100%
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Review : 非常好看,希望有漫画版❤

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Rating : 92%
Date :
Review : 拥有非一般的写作方式。赞!赞!赞!

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Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : 我 12 岁.. 看了觉得.. 很赞 ♥ 看了再看 , 希望会有漫画版丫 ! =) 超爱超爱 !