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大哥头与小妹头 My Best Neighbour

大哥头与小妹头 My Best Neighbour

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ISBN code: 978-967-5439-11-7
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 邓秀茵
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Da Ge Tou and Hsiao Mei Tou are neighbours. They go to school together and come home together too. Hsiao Mei Tou loves to follow Da Ge Tou around, but Da Ge Tou is forever thinking of avoiding Hsiao Mei Tou. Finally, Da Ge Tou made a deal with Hsiao Mei Tou: both of them should keep away from each other. Da Ge Tou thought that he had made a good decision, but after a few days of not seeing Hsiao Mei Tou, he began to think of her. When he wanted to apologise to Hsiao Mei Tou, she could not be found…Where did she go?Does it mean that it is Da Ge Tou’s turn now to be abandoned?

Name :
Rating : 93%
Date :
Review : love this book!! definitely a MUST READ!! " :P it`s so sweet, if only the xiao mei tou is the same age as the da ge tou, the story would be much more interesting that they would end up together! Oh shuts, imma such a spoiler. :P i reccomended this book, peeps!!!

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Rating : 95%
Date :
Review : this book is very interesting.keep it up

Name :
Rating : 90%
Date :
Review : I'm expecting this book to come to Malaysia~

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Rating : 92%
Date :
Review : 说得真的很有意识!!! 我喜欢!只是颜色不够多。