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扮新娘 The Bride's Veil

扮新娘 The Bride's Veil

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Weight: 580 grams
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ISBN code: 978-967-0370-93-4
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 许友彬
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It was in January, 1942 when Kuala Lumpur was invaded by the Japanese army. Shen Wu was fourteen, Liu Fu thirteen and Mei Hua fifteen years old. Shen Wu and Mei Hua were neighbours and Mei Hua was betrothed to Liu Fu as a child bride and was about to be married.

Mei Hua did not wish to marry Liu Fu and hid in Shen Wu’s house. One night, the Japanese soldiers came to harass Mei Hua. Shen Wu fought them off, packed his bags and ran off with Mei Hua. For that period of time, they spent their happiest moment together. Mei Hua refused to let Shen Wu divulge any information to others of their whereabouts and what they did.

They had gone to a green wooden house in the village, could not find Shen Wu’s family members, so they both lived in a cave meant for evading air raids. Mei Hua wished to stay there forever with Shen Wu, living a simple but happy life. One night, both of them recollected their childhood days and started to play the game of “Make believe bride”. Mei Hua wished to marry Shen Wu, but Shen Wu was afraid to.

Days went by, Shen Wu started to think of his family. However, Mei Hua’s heart was tied to a string, and the other end of the string was attached to Shen Wu, who could not be held close to. Mei Hua was not aware that their happiness was coming to an end, lost in the blissful world of her own...