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新村电影幕前幕后实录 The making of the new village

新村电影幕前幕后实录 The making of the new village

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ISBN code: 978-967-0564-06-7
Size: 20cm x 15cm
Author: 黄巧力/电影作品 沈雨仙/文字 黄巧顺/摄影
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1. 《新村电影纪念册》
2. 《新村电影采访手记》



In 1948, the conflict between the government of the British Straits Settlement and the anti-British Army intensified and Malaya, at that time, was plunged into a state of "Emergency". Many Chinese were forced to move into concentration camps (now known as new villages). Wen Xiu, an ordinary girl living at the edge of the forest, coincidentally met Ah Nan, an anti-British soldier who gate-crashed into her home one day. These two youths, one home-loving and the other protecting the country, faced all kinds of hardships and choices, took everything in their strides, went ahead with their ambitions to move forward under those circumstances. The surroundings brought them together but also predicted their parting.

In order to let the readers reminisced the memories of the film The New Village, The Making of The New Village would lead the readers from two angles, going through the times of the forties and fifties. The whole book consists of The Memories of The New Village Movie and The Memoirs of The New Village Movie Interviews. The Memories of The New Village Movie is Wen Xiu's diary, in which, through Wen Xiu's revelations and the script of the film, the formation of the big generation and the changing storylines, reappeared on the screen. At the same time the inner feelings of the characters behind the screen was touched upon. The Memoirs of The New Village Movie Interviews is the film's record behind the screen. Through interviews with the director, actors and other staff, the film was shown to be compiled from scratch, exposing small stories of each hand that motivated from behind.