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水底魔镇  The Sunken Town

水底魔镇 The Sunken Town

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ISBN code: 978-967-0564-68-5
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 吴彩欣
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Do you ever think that our world is not the only world? In fact, there are several “lost worlds” hiding in those places that are not discovered by the adults. There are guards at the entrance to the lost world. Sometimes, some children are able to barge into these weird places without being discovered by the guards.

Qian Yu, who studied at Form One, suffered the setbacks in friendships. When she was depressed, she accidentally entered a lost world under the sea. It was a small town that had been forgotten by the people.

She met the town’s owner there, a boy wearing a white cat mask. The boy’s job was to go to the human world to collect items that were abandoned by the human and bring them back to the town. The craftsmen in the town would repair these items. Items that were abandoned by the human would have another chance to reborn at the town.

Qian Yu was stuck at the town and was forced to become the boy’s helper. The residents in the town were afraid of Qian Yu at the beginning. However, they slowly accepted her and wanted to repair her broken heart together. While Qian Yu was getting along well with everyone, a disaster suddenly befell....



  1. 水底魔镇
  2. 移动的浮岛




博特拉大学兽医系二年生,对奇幻与自然有着严重偏爱, 所以无时无刻都很贪心地想要看看更多世界上奇妙的景色和事物, 以孕育一个既充满东方风采, 又结合奇幻与自然元素的失落世界为梦想。


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Rating : 96%
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Review : 水底魔镇是说这一个美好的世界~ 作者用自然的世界变成一个美好世界。 本书有经历,勇敢,成长,坚持等。 说着千羽与白的故事,感情。 期待彩欣姐姐的小说:)