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约定 The Promise

约定 The Promise

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Author: 谢智慧
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Guang Zong and his twin brother, Yao Zu were very close to each other. They were sent to an orphanage by their grandfather, who could not take care of them financially, after the death of their parents.

One day, a married couple came to the orphanage to adopt a child. They liked Guang Zong, but not the other twin, Yao Zu. Subsequently, the twins were separated. To enable them to meet again, they promised each other to play badminton well, so that they could enrol themselves in the same sports school.

After Guang Zong left, Yao Zu went back to his grandfather. He trained very hard in badminton and thought Guang Zong would also do the same.
Meanwhile, Guang Zong's adoptive parents were very strict with him. Under tremendous pressure, he ran away from home but was soon found. As a result, he became an introvert and spent most of his time playing piano, in his own room.

Slowly, Guang Zong fell in love with the piano and wanted to be a musician and lost his interest in badminton...

Would the promise between the twins be kept? How to choose between family love and ambition?




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Rating : 98%
Date :
Review : 这是一本非常精彩的书。真是难得。它叙述了亲情的重要性,教导我们要重视亲情,珍惜身边的一切。我们一定要会体谅别人,不要像光宗的养父母一样不鼓励他去实现他和耀祖的约定!

Name :
Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : 内容充实和令人感动...

Name :
Rating : 96%
Date :
Review : 非常好的一本书!

Name :
Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : This book is really nice,I hope there will be more books that are good as this book.