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跳房子 Hopscotch

跳房子 Hopscotch

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ISBN code: 978-967-0564-03-6
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 许友彬
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On the fifth night of the Chinese New Year, Mei Hua asked Shen Wu to take her away, but Shen Wu refused to. Mei Hua left angrily, and there was no news of her ever since.

Mr Liu wanted Shen Wu to look for Mei Hua to use her for Liu Fu’s redemption. Shen Wu wanted to protect Mei Hua, thinking that even if he found Mei Hua, he would not tell anyone. Later, Shen Wu got to know that Mei Hua was hiding in his sister’s house. Shen Wu went over there. Mei Hua thought that he wanted to bring her to the Liu family and so she avoided him. Shen Wu did not divulge Mei Hua’s whereabout as he wanted to think of other ways to solve the problem. He believed that he could remove the obstacles, one by one, that were keeping him and Mei Hua apart.

Shen Wu managed to overcome one obstacle after another and was just one step away from being together with Mei Hua. Just then, his sister asked him to meet her, to help her pass a radio to the anti-Japanese army. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by the Japanese soldiers. His sister was killed and Shen Wu was arrested and imprisoned. He led a life in hell there.

Shen Wu got news that Mei Hua was shot and killed by the Japanese soldiers. He was devastated and led a meaningless life in prison after that. Later, Shen Wu decided to risk his life and join another prisoner, who was planning a break out, as he wanted to do something meaningful. As he was following the prisoner out of the cell, carrying a glass bottle with him...

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Rating : 100%
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Review : 这本书一直牵引着我的思绪我的心情。我不像孙女那样豁达,我像沈武那样死脑筋,我一直在想知道梅花还在世上吗?沈武真的永远见不到梅花了吗?活在回忆里很可怜,身旁的人也很辛苦。我觉得奶奶好伟大。