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55年 Year 55

55年 Year 55

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ISBN code: 978-983-3738-64-9
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 许友彬
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Shu Ruo Shuan was a 12-year-old boy. He went for a tour to New Zealand with his parents during the school holidays in 2008.

Unfortunately, an avalanche occured and he was frozen in the snow. In year 2044, as a result of the greenhouse effect, the climate became warmer; icebergs started to melt and caused the rising of sea level. A lot of plains and cities were submerged in water and this changed the map of the world. Land on the world had become smaller while the number of small islands increased. Ruo Shuan, who was being frozen in ice, floated away with the waves to a small island.

In the year 2055, a doctor defroze Ruo Shuan and he became alive. His actual age was 59 years old, but his physiological age was only at 12 years.

Ruo Shuan woke up in a small room. The world had changed and his parents were gone. He was trapped, but he still wanted to help others. Ruo Shuan was not great, but he was narcissist. He was a cheerful boy with a "Handsome-hero-Shu Ruo Shuan" in his heart. When he was in trouble, he would ask the hero in his heart what he should do, and he would do just that.

"Year 55" is a story about how Shu Ruo Shuan ran away from Da Lan Island and went back to his hometown, Pulau Pinang in year 2055.



Name :
Rating : 92%
Date :
Review : 很好看,尤其最后的时候

Name :
Rating : 90%
Date :
Review : 寂寞+寂寞=不寂寞 如果寂寞有一个指数,这个指数一定是奇数,这个指数不会是偶数,因为:奇数+奇数=不是奇数。

Name :
Rating : 88%
Date :
Review : 小说的故事充满幻想感。 故事中表示出未来人对拥有永生与永春(永远青春)的贪。 这是一部故事很好看!