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再见大傻瓜 A Monstrous Egg II

再见大傻瓜 A Monstrous Egg II

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ISBN code: 978-983-0564-17-3
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 许友彬
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When Ke Er was in the first year of high school, her neighbour, Aunty Wei, suddenly posted an article on the Internet claiming that she saw a dragon descend from the sky and ate her papaya. Ke Er’s mother and other internet users thought Aunty Wei was crazy. Only Ke Er believed Aunty Wei. Five years ago, Ke Er found an egg on the beach which hatched into a dinosaur. Ke Er named it “Big Fool”. Big Fool jumped into the lake when chased by a dog. Since then, it had never reappeared. Ke Er believed that the dragon Aunty Wei saw was actually Big Fool which she had missed. However, after a long wait, Big Fool still had not appeared...