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爱,一直在这里守候 Love Has Been Here Waiting

爱,一直在这里守候 Love Has Been Here Waiting

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ISBN code: 978-967-0564-31-9
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 邓秀茵
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故事的开始,讲述二十多岁的邓凡星独自搭乘飞机,远赴法国浪漫之都巴黎。 邓凡星是个对情感执着,心思细腻,在爱情面前十分被动的女生。打从中学开始,她的身边就不乏追求者,然而,她的心被一个男生牢牢占据着,容不下别人。经历许多事情,她始终觉得他是最好的。问题是,他对她的心思,她总是捉摸不透。她和他的关系游走于友情与爱情之间,时而明朗,时而隐晦。多年来,两人因为种种因素而多次与爱情失之交臂。 时光荏苒,凡星终究无法忘怀,于是她决定展开旅程,寻找多年来不解的答案…… 作者巧妙地采用了十封信,结合巴黎多个著名旅游景点,将小说主人翁的一往情深流露于字里行间。


The story began with Deng Fan Xing, a lady in her twenties, who took a flight to the romantic city, Paris. Deng Fan Xing was an affectionate lady with delicate thoughts and was very passive when facing matters concerning love. Since high school, she had many pursuers. However, her heart was firmly occupied by a man and there was no room for others. After going through so many experiences, she still thought that he was the best. However, she could not figure out his thought towards her. Their relationship was in between friendship and love, sometimes lucid but sometimes obscure.

Through the years, they missed several opportunities to become lovers due to various factors. Time passed but Fan Xing still could not forget him. Therefore, she decided to start a journey, searching for the answer that remained unsolved for many years… In the form of ten letters, combining several famous tourist spots in Paris, the author skillfully revealed the protagonist’s deepest feelings in between the lines.

The book taught us to be courageous for love, to grasp our desired happiness and to live life with no regrets.