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漫画 Comic- 《月亮城》Moon City

漫画 Comic- 《月亮城》Moon City

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ISBN code: 978-967-5439-10-0
Size: 24cm x 18cm
Author: 邓秀茵 原著 / 陈国胜 漫画
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画家简介:陈国胜 - 1971年生于彭亨劳勿。吉隆坡美术学院(KLCA)毕业。作品有《八仙传奇》、《漫画弟子规》和《绿色先锋》。1999年曾获亚洲漫画高峰会议文化薪传奖。现为红蜻蜓出版社特约漫画家。





Shiang Shiang, Nuo Yan, Shuan Er went to “Moon City” to look for the missing director. Being competitive youths, the three of them encountered many contradicting views and conflicts.In this strange city, they have to face a mysterious man Artemis, who is like a friend at times and a foe during others. At the same time, the misunderstanding between them needs to be resolved. Are they able to overcome the various obstacles that come their way based on their trust for one another?

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Rating : 95%
Date :
Review : 很好看!他画的人物实在太美了。尤其是诺言和竞杰,简直就画得很有帅气。

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Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : 真的很好看哦! 他画的人物实在是太美了,尤其是关竟杰呢! 简直是帅呆了!!! 有机会一定要向他学画人物 , 呵呵

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Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : 这本《月亮城》漫画本,很好看,很感动。大家要多多支持国胜哥哦。我很期待《太阳城》漫画本还有其他叻!