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我们都是模范生 We are Role Models

我们都是模范生 We are Role Models

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Author: 曾宝玲
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Wei Xin is an exemplary model student. Her mother’s expectations of her are very high. She must excel in everything that she undertakes.

However, Wei Xin’s one and only love is for basketball, in which she could show her prowess freely.

Wei Xin has two good friends, Shi Xiao Li and Jia Pei Pei. The three of them go to the same school, join the same basketball team but all three came from different family backgrounds and all have different temperaments. Shi Xiao Li is moderate in her studies but has very good public relationships and also leadership qualities. Her mother’s expectations of her are not high. Jia Pei Pei loves to eat and is lazy and a busybody. Her academic performance is low and her family is not strict with her. Even though Wei Xin feels that she is better than her two friends in many ways, she still envies them as they do not have to carry the burden of being a ‘role model’.

At the same time, they became friends with Li Zi Yang, who has very odd behaviour. He hardly greets anyone but he approached Wei Xin on his own. His peculiar behaviour aroused Wei Xin and her friends’ curiosity and they quietly went to check on him behind his back. They found out...



  1. 我们都是模范生
  2. 那场名为青春的友谊赛
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Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : 看完这本小说后,我领悟到了很多。主角魏芯是一个品学兼优的女孩,他的妈妈对他非常严厉,都要他做的最好。他的爱好是打篮球,可是他的妈妈却偏偏不喜欢他打篮球。练篮球时,他认识了一个男生,叫李子阳。他为人孤僻,可是却主动接近魏欣。魏欣觉得很奇怪。后来魏欣才知道李子阳不仅与自己一样是个模范生,而且还是一个孝顺的孙子。所以,在这本小说里,我学到了不能以貌取人,就算是模范生,也不能瞧不起成绩比自己差的人,也不要以为只有自己才是最优秀的。

Name :
Rating : 85%
Date :
Review : 是一本不错的书。但这里我想给作家一个提议:如果可以以某个特定的事件来突显故事的主题,就更能抓住读者的心了。这是我看前面20章的感想。加油!希望你的这本小说大卖。也期盼你的新书早日上市。加油!!!