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消失在醒来后  Disappeared After Waking Up

消失在醒来后 Disappeared After Waking Up

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ISBN code: 983-3738-663
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 许友彬
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Year 2055, after Shu Ruo Shuan had been missing for 47 years, he found himself back at Pulau Pinang. He was reunited with his 92-year-old father, but did not know his mother's whereabouts. Ruo Shuan was still a 12-year-old boy, but his younger brother was already 42 years old. His brother and wife were on the way to Da Lan Island to look for Dr Uehara Sora to perform a surgery. Ruo Shuan knew that the doctor had no good intentions, so he went to Da Lan Island to rescue his brother.

In Da Lan Island, the chief of the hospital, Mr. Kwok and the police, Ah Mo brought Shiao Ai (in Chen Chu's body) to meet Dr Uehara Sora. They asked the doctor to perform an operation of soul transfering to return the souls of Shiao Ai and Chen Chu to their respective bodies.

When Ruo Shuan reached Da Lan Island, he was not only unable to save the others, he got into trouble himself. One day, when Ruo Shuan woke up, he found out that his body was missing; his soul was in a girl's body. Ruo Shuan was in deep trouble. He had to find his body back so that he could get Dr Uehara Sora to transfer his soul back into his own body. Then only could he rescue the others. He was not afraid; he believed that he could solve the problem himself. He still hoped that he could be a hero.

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Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : This book was a bit complicated but interesting to me . I really enjoyed reading it . I would recommend this book to whoever loves reading a twisted story full of excitement and mysteries .

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Rating : 92%
Date :
Review : 这本小说对我而言,虽然有点复杂,但很有趣,看不厌。只要有较好想象力及理解能力,便能明白故事的整个情节了。

Name :
Rating : 85%
Date :
Review : 故事内容很特别,看不厌。

Name :
Rating : 86%
Date :
Review : 这一部故事很棒。