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妈妈满分 Perfect Mother

妈妈满分 Perfect Mother

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Author: 李慧慧
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“I wish I could have another mother."


Shu Shiao Shing, a twelve-year-old little girl did not like her mother. Her mother was muddle-headed, did not do any housework, did not know how to cook and her days and nights were upside down. Shiao Shing's father told her that her mother was a dreamer, so she needed more time for herself. Shiao Shing could not understand why her mother's dream was more important than her? Why was her mother so different from the mothers of others?


As through exchanging roles, Shiao Shing was the mother, while her mother behaved like a child. They would clash everytime when they were together. Shiao Shing felt that they were both from different worlds. 


Shiao Shing met her new neighbour, Low Sasa, one day during the school holidays. Sasa’s mother was the perfect housewife. She had good culinary skills and made the most delectable desserts. She was also good at handicraft. Shiao Shing envied Sasa for having such a perfect mother. She wrote about Sasa’s mother in her composition at school, extolling all her good qualities, what she had always wished for from her own mother. Her mother found out about the essay.


This story about family and friendship tells us that no matter how imperfect we are, we are just temporarily blinded by the conflicts and anger at that moment and in the end, love will prevail.




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Rating : 95%
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Review : It is very touching.

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Rating : 77%
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Review : 最后的muffin很好笑,因为他叫马纷但是查字典叫马粪!!!哈哈