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洛克山 Rock Mountain

洛克山 Rock Mountain

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Author: 谢智慧
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    亚里斯一次为了避雨躲进山洞,偶然发现了山洞里的秘密。 他因此萌生带领族人离开洛克山的念头。然而,族人害怕离开洛克山会遭到诅咒,所以支持亚里斯的人寥寥可数……



Rock Mountain is often shrouded in clouds. The weather there is rainy the whole year round. It is also surrounded by the sea and a thick fog could be seen above the sea all the time. The tribesmen who live there work in the rain everyday and only when the sky ‘open its doors’ for two or three days, were they able to enjoy the warmth of the sun. They are trapped at Rock Mountain since birth, no way of leaving, and also the thought of leaving never occurred, as if to grow old and die on that hill is their fate.

There is a youth named Alexis, whose father was killed by a tiger, who live there with his mother. He is a timid boy, and was often bullied by others. One day, he fell off a cliff and after much effort managed to climb back to the top of the cliff. This incident instantly made him grow up, and he vowed to take up the responsibility of protecting his mother from that day onwards.

One day he took shelter from the rain in a cave and discovered the secret of the cave.  The idea of leading the rest of the tribesmen out of the mountain came to his mind. However, not many supported him as they were afraid of the curse of the mountain if they were to leave it…

Finally, would they be cursed? Would Alexis be able to lead them out successfully?



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Rating : 60%
Date :
Review : 对于爱好冒险小说的读者来说,这是个不错的故事。故事中有一个很神秘的地方,那是我们都不曾接触过的遥远的岛。从故事的开始到结束,读者可以很清楚看见主角在遇见困难以及解决问题的过程中有了成长。在阅读这本书同时,读者可以与故事中的主角一同成长。不过,我认为这本书还有进步的空间。例如各个角色的性格特征可以更明显一点,在各个角色之间的互动与纠纷似乎不太深入。因此,我决定给这本书三颗星。

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Rating : 98%
Date :
Review : 读过简介后,我觉得这是一本想但不错的书,这书带有点探险性的书,我觉得这应该是本很赞的书!

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Rating : 96%
Date :
Review : 不管有没有读过,我都觉得这是一本探险之书!!!