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漫画 Comic- 《七天》Seven Days

漫画 Comic- 《七天》Seven Days

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ISBN code: 978-967-0370-80-4
Size: 24cm x 18cm
Author: 许友彬 原著 / 大熊 漫画
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画家简介:大熊,本名廖泇錩,1981年生于吉隆坡。达尔尚艺术学院(Dasein Academy of Art)毕业。曾任香港漫画《风云》《神武纪2》《神兵玄器4》的数码彩稿师、业余商业广告数码插画家。现为艺术学院插画系讲师及红蜻蜓出版社特约漫画家。





It was raining cats and dogs after school. As usual, Bai He, Jian Yun, Xiao Ling and Jun Shun were being driven home in Uncle Ou’s school bus. Midway, the school bus suddenly rolled into a river, broke the river bed and dropped into a cave.

The four students and Uncle Ou were cut off from the outside world. They faced many hardships in the cave and when they finally found their way out, they found themselves in the midst a dense jungle... 

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Rating : 60%
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Review : 这是一本不错的漫画。简单易懂,非常感人。

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Rating : 80%
Date :
Review : Astro导演组太有创意,做小太阳连续剧和书的不一样。你们喜欢把书里面的小女孩(晓玲)变成了小男孩(晓立),喜欢保留故事加新故事进去,喜欢把书里面的王老师加进连续剧里的是女的,而书里面的是男的。Astro导演组真是笨蛋!