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我们之间零距离 You and Me, Zero Distance

我们之间零距离 You and Me, Zero Distance

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ISBN code: 978-967-0370-85-9
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 沈雨仙
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Ke En was not looking forward to the impending school holidays. Her father had decided to transform her, from a gregarious girl to one who was feminine and elegant. Her deceased mother was an elegant and cultured lady and her father had hope to transform Ke En to be like her.

Her father had planned a whole range of activities for her: piano and art classes, reading of classicals... Ke En had no interest at all in those but she was unable to defy her father’s orders. Her father himself was also very well-mannered and elegant, always well-dressed, even at home. He wanted Ke En to discard the bad habits of head-scratching, nail-biting and leg-shaking. Ke En felt very depressed as in her father’s eyes, she was a complete failure, from head to toes!

One morning, her father appeared in front of Ke En with a mop of unruly hair and unkempt dressing. He even opened his mouth widely to yawn, bit his nails, scratched his head, rubbed his runny nose with his shirt...Dear god, all the uncouth actions which he had hated previously! What had happened to her father?