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新村 The New Village

新村 The New Village

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ISBN code: 978-967-0370-89-7
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 黄巧力 / 原创故事 黄巧力、郑咏怡 / 原著剧本、 谢智慧 / 小说改写
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In 1948, the conflict between the government of the British Straits Settlement and the anti-British Army intensified and Malaya, at that time, was plunged into a state of “Emergency”. To prevent the people from abetting the anti-British Army, the government ordered many Chinese to move into concentration camps. They became the sacrificial lambs caught between the two forces, and Wen Xiu and Ah Nan were two of the victims.

Wen Xiu was an ordinary girl around twenty years of age. Facing hardships like insufficient commodities and the curb of freedom, she gritted her teeth and took everything in her stride, protecting her family members while carrying out her duties in the camp.

Ah Nan, a twenty-plus young man, due to the oppression from the government, began to develop the feeling of anti-establishment to safeguard his land. He decided to join the anti-British Army, against the wishes of his father, to help change the fate of his country.

The two youths, one home-loving and the other patriotic, in the times of upheaval and unrest, met. Ah Nan was running away from the British Army when he found a hiding place in Wen Xiu’s house. Subsequently, their fate intertwined...



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Rating : 100%
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Review : 两个不同家庭背景的人像两个平行时空交错着地相遇,却因为那时代的大动荡而被迫分开。那个动荡不安的年代,命运的嘲弄,让两个相爱的人从此人隔两地苦相思。如果爱情只是用来说说,那他们怎么办?

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Rating : 90%
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Review : 期待新村的电影!!!:P