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蓝色泡泡馆 Blue Bubble Resort

蓝色泡泡馆 Blue Bubble Resort

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ISBN code: 978-983-0370-94-1
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 李慧慧
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眼看这两父子的关系不断恶化,妈妈开始觉得事态严重。为了缓和他们俩之间的紧绷氛围,妈妈决定策划一个合家同欢的海岛之旅。出发当天,妈妈和妹妹在登机前不知所终。正当爸爸很担心她们会错过这趟班机时,有个空姐拿着妈妈写的信,前来转告:她们……不去了?!一家四口的旅行突然变成“志铭和爸爸的二人世界之旅” ?志铭顿时感到晴天霹雳,当场瞠目结舌……

Fourteen-year-old Zhi Ming’s relationship with his father was strained and getting worse each day. His father was critical of everything Zhi Ming did. Zhi Ming learnt to answer back and sometimes chose to retaliate by keeping his silence. This time, Zhi Ming failed in two subjects, his father blew his top, the two of them had another argument and even started a “cold war” for a few days.

Seeing the relationship between father and son deteriorating, his mother felt the seriousness of the issue at hand. She began to plan for a family trip to an island to defuse the tense atmosphere around the two of them. On the day of departure, just before they boarded the plane, Zhi Ming’s mother and sister could not be found. Zhi Ming’s father was worried that the two of them might miss the plane. Just then, the air hostess passed a letter from his mother to them and informed them that they were not joining the trip anymore! A family trip for four suddenly became ”A trip for Zhi Ming and father only”, Zhi Ming was shocked beyond words…