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盖娅勇者传 ● 传说的起点 Bold Warriors of Gaia : The Legend Begins

盖娅勇者传 ● 传说的起点 Bold Warriors of Gaia : The Legend Begins

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ISBN code: 978-967-0564-02-9
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 庄昉思
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The jungle of clouds - a jungle which sprouted from the clouds, was situated in the northern part of Mainland Gaia. The 'cloud tree' which grew in the jungle of clouds had a trunk with a circumference of twelve people hugging it, was taller than a 15-storey building. It gave rise to white clouds which brought rain water to the plants in the jungle, nourishing every life in it. The descendants of a tribe which tended to the gods lived there. They had great curative skills and were able to cast a protective spell over the jungle which they happily resided in.

One day, a huge moth appeared in the skies of the jungle and left behind many bright red eggs on the flowers. The eggs later metamorphosized to caterpillars which were bigger than an adult's arm by three to four times. They secreted a sweet-smelling poisonous liquid, which could dissolve everything that came into contact with it. The giant caterpillars destroyed the flowers and brought danger to the jungle which was never experienced before. The villagers braved the dangers and risked their lives to rid the jungle of the caterpillars day and night.

August, a 13-year old boy, who dreamt of becoming a wise man one day, joined the rest to save the 'cloud tree'. They managed to rid the cloud tree of the caterpillars after one sleepless week of toiling. They took a breath of relief, without realising that the beginning of a real disaster was just round the corner...