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我爱长鼻猴 I Love Proboscis Monkey

我爱长鼻猴 I Love Proboscis Monkey

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Weight: 300 grams
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Retail Price: 17.50
ISBN code: 978-967-0564-47-0
Size: 21cm x 15cm
Author: 许友彬
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What?! Daddy is going to Sabah to see monkeys?

Yee Yee is afraid of monkeys, her tears couldn't help falling when she heard about this.

Daddy said, "They are not ordinary monkeys. They have long noses, and big bellies". He continued, "This type of monkeys are rare, if we don't see them now, we may not see them again in the future".

Yee Yee couldn't care less, she thought that there won't be any regrets at all even if she doesn't see any monkeys throughout her lifetime.

However, as a young reporter, if she's not going to Sabah, there would be nothing to write about. In order to find topics for writing, she has no choice but to follow her daddy on plane...