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食物 Foods

食物 Foods

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Weight: 160 grams
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ISBN code: 978-983-3738-47-2
Size: 30cm x 21cm
Author: 许友彬
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有三个作用 (听,说,认):

  1. 听 ★ 可用此书讲故事给孩子听。 (讲故事时可强调书 中要介绍的东西)
  2. 说 ★ 可让孩子根据此书来讲故事, 启发孩子的想象力。 (孩子可自由发挥)
  3. 认 ★ 孩子熟悉故事时,可用词卡让孩子认识末物品, 进而懂得认字与阅读。



The above has 3 in 1 uses.

  1. Parents and teachers can use the flashcards (Chinese and English with Hanyu Pinyin) to discuss what’s happening inside the pictures.
  2. Different stories can be applied in the same page and for learning purposes.
  3. The correct flashcards can be placed on top of the picture to reinforce learning.